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Team Santa Cruz is the racing branch of the Santa Cruz County Cycling Cub. The primary objective of Team Santa Cruz is to help SCCCC members achieve their racing goals.

Santa Cruz County Cycling Club

SCCCC members participate in a wide variety of bicycle pursuits. SCCCC promotes the Santa Cruz Classic Criterium, Peak Season Cyclocross race, Swanton Road Time Trial series and the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge.

Jan 29, 2013

There Will Be Mud

The annual party and cyclocross race known as the Peak Season Santa Cruz County Cyclocross Championships went down on Sunday, January 27 at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz.

If you don't have snow, rain or graupel to ride cyclocross bikes over, the next best thing is to compete under sunny skies which is what racers had on Saturday.

The Peak Season command center. "Dude that truck needs a name."

The 2013 Harbor High loop designed by Mike Evans and David Gill and constructed by a small but dedicated group of volunteers measured 1.4 miles and 120 feet of climbing. Perfect conditions made for fast lap times. Results are here. Men's Category A winner Tobin Ortenblad, racing for Cal Giant/Specialized, completed an impressive 9 laps in 0:56:27.

David Gill (below) prepares for the start of the Men's Category C race. C racers tested the course edges and limits of a traffic cone line.

Hunter Cycles rider Mark Acker racing in the Master Men 35+ A category finished 9 laps in 1:00:42 and seemed composed around the traffic cones.

When he wasn't scoring races SCCCC Race Team rider David Crum was racing and finished 5th in the Master Men 45+ B category - 6 laps in 0:46:45. Whatever David was looking at during this remount safe to say it was not a traffic cone.

This guide dog in training and registration volunteer knows what to do with a traffic cone.

[photo removed to protect the dog's identity]

Fear the cellos.

Jan 28, 2013

Race Team Posts Strong Results at Fort Ord

The first race of the CCCX-XC season happened on Saturday, January 26 at the the camp course in Fort Ord and Team Santa Cruz riders David Allen, David Crum and Andrew Murray were there to represent SCCCC.

David Allen (below) completed the 27 mile/2,500' climbing CAT-1 expert class race in 2:02:19.

Photo by Jeff Lindenthal

Andrew Murray and the other CAT-2 sport riders were on course for 22 miles/2,100 feet which Andrew completed in 1:48:34.

Photo by Steve Anderson

Bucking the Team Santa Cruz facial hair trend and posting Saturday's best result for SCCCC was David Crum's first place finish in the CAT-2 single speed race - 4 laps of the course in 1:45:32.  That's one gear ladies and gentlemen.

Photo by Steve Anderson

Congratulations to the SCCCC race team on its strong start to the 2013 cross country season.

Jan 13, 2013

Meet the 2013 SCCCC Race Team

Gearing up for 2013 Cross Country and Endurance Season

Following an impressive 2012 season, racers David Crum, Andrew Murray, David Allen and Barnaby Lee will make up the core of Team Santa Cruz in 2013. If 2012 is any indication, you will see these four riders rack up a good number of podium finishes for the SCCCC blue and white.

While the SCCCC jersey can be spotted at road bike, cyclocross, track and criterium events, the race team’s focus in 2013 will be cross country and endurance mountain bike races. Team Santa Cruz will make its presence known at the CCCX XC series held in Monterey County and at one-day races such as Sonoma County’s Annadel XC to benefit California Parks and the Boggs 8-Hour MTB enduro event.

As in past years, the race team will promote local events such as the Santa Cruz Classic Criterium, the Peak Season Santa Cruz County Cyclocross Championships race and the Swanton Road Time Trial series. If you are interested in knowing more about Team Santa Cruz or participating in a race, email teamsc(at)santacruzcycling(dot)org or look for the SCCCC tent at the following races in 2013:

Jan 12, 2013

Time for Peak Season Cyclocross

Peak Season Cyclocross will return Sunday, January 27 at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz.
Contact David Gill  at racedirector(at)santacruzcycling(dot)org if you want more information about the race and how you can volunteer to help put it together.

Jan 11, 2013

SCCCC Rider 5th Place in 2012 CCCX Series

Congratulations to David Crum (far right) who finished 5th place in CCCX Cyclocross Series Master 45+ B Men 2/3/4 category. 

Jan 10, 2013

SCCCC Race Team Director for 2013

David Gill has turned the reigns of Team Santa Cruz over to John Bono for the upcoming race season. John talks about planning for 2013 in the January-February issue of SCCCC's newsletter The Roadrunner and can be reached at teamsc(at)santacruzcycling(dot)org.

David has assumed the SCCCC Board position of Race Promotion Director and can be reached at racedirector(at)santacruzcycling(dot)org. If you like David Gill better in person come out to Harbor High School on January 26-27 and volunteer to help put on the Peak Season Santa Cruz County Cyclocross Championships.