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Apr 1, 2013

2 Race Reports 1 Post

I waited until April 1 to report on races 3 and 4 of the CCCX-XC series so you can read into that what you will. Those of you who stay until the end will be rewarded with a proven secret post ride recovery technique.

March 23, 2013  CCCX-XC No. 3
Starting with the CAT-1 riders going 5 laps David Allen finished the Expert 35-44 race in 7th position at 1:40:25.

Andrew Murray starting in his third CCCX event and demonstrating serious pre-race focus finished the 4 lap CAT-2 45-54 race in 1:40:58.

Series leader David Crum earned another podium in the CAT-2 single speed race finishing at 1:29:52

Road and track specialist and 2012 CAT-2 single speed series champion Mateo Ortega made his first CCCX event of the year in the Pro/Expert single speed class finishing third and doing the extra distance in 2:00:37. 

March 30, 2013 CCCX-XC No. 4
The 11:00 CAT-1/CAT-2 race began with overcast and slight drizzle and finished +15 degrees under the sun.

Michael Mann happened to be out on ride in Fort Ord and decided to drop-in on the CAT-1 expert 45-54 race finishing in 1:55:36.
Photo by Steven Woo

Photo by Steven Woo

Another SCCCC hero, Ron Riley, finished where he so often does ...on the podium this time in the CAT-1 65+ group.

David Allen finished in 4th place in the expert class 35-44 completing 5 laps in 1:43:03.
Photo by Rick Rasmussen

Photo by Rick Rasmussen

David Crum also finished 4th place in his CAT-2 single speed category completing 4 laps in 1:36:55.
Photo by Rick Rasmussen

You can see from the above pictures that David A. and David C. are experienced racers because they are both following closely behind the leading rider saving energy, looking composed and setting up their moves. Less experienced racers do something else...

John Bono leading out from the middle of the pack on lap 1 of the CAT-2 single speed where he finished in a blistering 1:48:14.
Photo by Steven Woo

If you're wondering what you have to do to lead out the first lap of a bike race I'll tell you that you must get serious about your training and recovery.

What you eat straight after riding is as important as what you eat before ...that's why you order two.