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Jun 21, 2013

SCCCC at the Boggs Enduro

Long time since the last race team post so this report goes all the way back to May when the annual Boggs 8-hour endurance race was held in Cobb, CA. The race was expanded this year to include a Friday hill climb and Sunday downhill dubbed the Boggs Enduro. Four riders competed in the enduro for SCCCC - David Crum, Andrew Murray, April Herring and John Bono.

Kitsbow Wear's excellent race report with photos is here and Andrew Murray's report on local riders for the Santa Cruz Sentinel is here

Andrew Murray placed third in the CAT-3 Enduro, April Herring finished third place, CAT-2 8-Hour and second place CAT-2 Enduro. David Crum finished fifth in the Open Singlespeed Enduro. John Bono finished seventh in the same category and always looked fresh.

In addition to their podium finishes, Andrew and April earned some of good karma for driving racer Mallory Richards home to Santa Cruz after she finished with a broken clavicle from crashing earlier in the race. Ride a bike with a broken collarbone but don't try to drive a vehicle with a stick shift.

Brian Johnston racing for Tread Bikes finished the Open Singlespeed Enduro in fourth place. 

Lo-fi 8-hour results:

Hi-fi enduro math but honestly the only thing I can make out of it is that there was a lot of dust coughed up over three days of riding.

As you watch the mass start of the Boggs 8-hour (below) imagine the group funneling into the first section of singletrack. Video: Hans Kellner

SCCCC occupied a prime camping spot during the weekend.

Our friends at the Spokesman Bicycle Shop had a big crew at Boggs including Wade Hall, Richard Sartor, Will Deich, Sean Sullivan, Sean Morrisey, Peter Thomsen, Bianca Schmidt, Joanna Ahlum and Jonathan Ahlum.

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