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Sep 2, 2013

2013 CCCX Cross Country Final - Series medals for David Crum and Andrew Murray

To say the CCCX promoters stretch out the cross country season is an understatement.

The 2013 series that began back in January finally wrapped up on August 24 at Fort Ord. The August heat, dry air and loose, sandy climbs made for a challenging race.

The course lap was a clockwise direction 5 mile/500 feet climbing blend of the day camp trails - the 4 lap race was approximately 20 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing total.

SCCCC Race Team riders David Crum (CAT-2 single speed) and Andrew Murray (CAT-2 clydesdale) went off in the same start group.


Andrew's 'thumbs up' start turned into agonizing first lap when his rear wheel began leaking air. Andrew attempted a series of on-course measures to fill his tire but couldn't get enough pressure to maintain the sidewall during turns. Eventually he came into the start/finish to grab a tube, fix the wheel and begin chasing. Andrew made up a lot of time but in the end needed a longer race to bridge the last 3 minutes to the leader. Andrew finished in 2nd place at 1:39:18.

On August 11, two weeks before the final and still recovering from a serious leg injury, David was beaten by his series points rival William Tovar of DC-10 Race Team. Looking fully recovered at the final, David pushed the pace early. 

By the third lap Tovar was having difficulty keeping David's wheel (see below) and finished second despite a decent kick on the last lap. David finished the CAT-2 single speed race in first place at 1:38:18.

David Crum (blue) and William Tovar
David Crum (green) and William Tovar

David also earned first place in the series, the coveted CCCX champion jersey and a category upgrade for next season.

Congratulations to Andrew and David.